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*We offer one free week of social media marketing for every client*

 Companies that are active on Social Media will have decreased marketing costs, increased brand recognition and improved customer insights.


Besides creating great content for you to use on your social media channels, we also specialize in making sure that content gets seen by thousands of people within your target audience.

Here are some examples of what we’ve done for different local brands:

The Christa Mcauliffe Space Center

Campaign Summary:

After closing down for a time, many of the Space Center's old customers thought that it was permanently closed. We created this video for them as part of a social media campaign to increase awareness of their new missions, remodeled simulators and recently launched Adult Space Camps.

Campaign Results:

This video started going viral immediately, reaching 1k views within the first hour of posting. By the end of the campaign the video we made for them increased their page's Total Video views by 301,650%.  The video generated over 120 shares by previous and new fans, and resulted in many adults signing up for their new space camps.

One Week Campaign Statistics


                         "Mr. Tolman has been fantastic to                          work with in the development of a new promotional video for the Space Center.  The production time was extremely quick and the quality exceptional.  His assistance with promoting the new video through social media has helped us hit a record number that far surpasses what we have been able to do before.  We highly recommend his services to any who are looking to better promote their business.". -James Porter, Director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center

pacific heights apartments

Campaign Summary:

Pacific Heights was a brand new apartment complex in Provo that was wanting to fill up their apartments for the upcoming Fall semester. We worked with them to create their social media pages (from scratch) as well as create different kinds of content (videos and photos) to help spread the word about their apartments. We also trained their in-house social media manager on how to build their brand even after their free week of our marketing services ended.

Campaign Results:

The video we made for them got over 2,000 views in just one week. Within one month all of their contracts had been sold and their apartment complex completely filled up. The Facebook page we created for them allowed them to easily connect with potential renters and keep them updated with new policies and updates. 

  "Brennan assisted our company by putting together a social media page to bring in more interested tenants. I know without a doubt that this page he created helped us fill all of our contracts that were still available. Brennan is easy to work with, and replies back super quick . We highly recommend Brennan!"

-Becky Koch, Pacific Heights Manager

BYU Graduate studies

Campaign Summary:

Every year BYU Graduate Studies holds a Grad Student Appreciation Week. This year we created five different grad student highlight videos for them that they aired each day of the week. The goal of these videos was to help grad students get to know the accomplishments of their classmates in different programs. 

Campaign Results:

This week long campaign resulted in BYU Graduate Studies winning a Golden Hashtag award from the Social Media Directors at BYU. The week long campaign was a great success with the videos reaching a total of 38,000 people. Many students engaged with the videos by liking, sharing and commenting on them. Different departments of BYU loved the videos so much they asked for permission to use them on their websites.

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